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Ramadan 2021 Project

Ramadan 2021 The Ramadan food packs project was an initiative by Himmah, GAIN Diaspora, Nottingham City Council, Mojatu Foundation, Hyson Green Youth Club, ACNA Center, FYA Nottingham Equal and FMB Radio.The project was mainly targeted to provide hot meals to families of the African Diaspora community in Nottingham, during the month of Ramadan. The hot …

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African Community Leader Claims Nurses are Being ‘Bullied’ into Working

By Kuziva Mutisi Nurses who are members of the African community have been “bullied” into going to work despite their disproportionately high risk of contracting coronavirus, according to claims by a community leader. Patrice Musarurwa, the 45-year-old director of African Community Nottingham (ACN), has voiced his outrage at reports of members being pressured into working …

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