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Belong And What They Do For The Community

Belong is a refugee community organization originally for African refugees by African refugees, it has now expanded to support refugees from more backgrounds from South America to East Asia. Their goal is to empower refugees, asylum seekers and migrants to achieve their full potential. They offer a wide range of services to help refugees, asylum seekers, …

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About FYA And What They Do For The Community

Fearless Youth Association was founded in 2016 by 12 young people to support other young people not in education by engaging them in training, skill development, and creative content, as well as keeping them away from things like gang violence and knife crime. FYA offers many training courses from creative media, social media, radio skills, …

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About IDF And What They Do For The Community

International Development Foundation (IDF), facilitates education and training for BAME communities in the UK as well as as across West African countries. They also provide language translation, proofreading services, and social inclusion support among many other services to those who need it.IDF is working with one of the UK’s largest awarding organisations to provide multiple …

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About Mojatu And What They Do For The Community

A charitable organization that works with Black, Asian, and minority ethnic groups, Mojatu Foundation tackles discrimiation and racial inequalities by giving people access to opportunities and skills that enable them to participate in the wider community. Mojatu foundation has a range of media to help spread awareness and empower people and communities, including Mojatu Magazine, …

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BAME Mental Health Before and During The Pandemic

Covid-19 has caused many issues not just in the UK but globally, shutting down things like small businesses all the way up to countries to try to prevent the spread of the virus. With everything shutting down many other effects have come into play for people, less access to support networks, less time with friends, …

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