Our Work

Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, GAIN Diaspora has been working to helping our communities, and those with greatest needs. Many are isolated, have limited access to resources and support due to uncertain immigration status, language, network, mobility, and complex barriers. We provide support in these four areas and you can request help by completing the support request form.

Our Services

Provision of Food and Shopping Support.

We provide food parcels from our centre in Nottingham and also support vulnerable members of the community by providing free service food shopping for vulnerable and those who may struggle to go shopping due to different challenges.
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Mental Health Training

We work with individuals and communities to bring mental health campaigners together to tackle stigma. We act as the hub through which these champions and organisations work together on local issues that cause problems for people with mental illness.
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Information Desk

The desk is to direct any information for members of the African community which aims, pre-emptively and reactively, to cushion the effects of the pandemic and post-pandemic.
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We are providing translation services for important health directives to languages of BME community with reasonable representation. We have done an identification, through surveys, to determine the languages to focus on.
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