Mental Health Training


We work with individuals and communities to bring mental health campaigners together to tackle stigma. We act as the hub through which these champions and organisations work together on local issues that cause problems for people with mental illness.

We help address mental health stigma in our communities and within workplace by offering mental health training, facilitating conversations, raising awareness, and supporting development of strong champion base to tackle discrimination and stigma. Time to Change support, expertise, and resources has helped us to establish Nottingham’s African hub for mental health and wellbeing. We champion mental health needs for BAME communities.

Mission & Vision

When you think of a campaign, you may first picture the presidential races most highlighted by the media. Campaign work can often lead directly or indirectly to government employment down the road.

Political campaigns offer the opportunity to develop and refine a wide assortment of skills in an extremely fast-paced and flexible environment. Moreover, they give a unique perspective into the electoral process, as well as the cares and concerns of elected officials and the American public. Campaign work can often lead directly or indirectly to government employment down the road. Campaign work is certainly not for everyone. There is usually little formal mentoring, little structured feedback, little administrative support, and little free time – and given the finite nature of the campaign cycle, often little long-term stability.

“Organizing for Action: We’re the people who don’t just support progressive change we are fighting for it.”

Hillary Clinton / Former First Lady of the United States

“There is hope, even when your brain tells you there isn’t.”

John Green

Mental Health

Mental health training is one of our key ways of changing the experience of young people affected by poor mental health in our communities. We aim to enable people to feel more comfortable and confident to talk about mental health and know more about how to respond when problems arise.

Through this, you are able to: 

  1. Recognise the symptoms of mental ill health
  2. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding in order to to support team members who may be experiencing mental ill health
  3. Provide practical advice on steps to take when supporting a colleague experiencing mental ill health
  4. Guide the person experiencing mental ill health towards professional help
  5. Identify practical ways to improve your own mindfulness

Mental Health First Aider

This two-day course gives delegates the skills to be mental health first aiders. Delegates will get a deep understanding of what mental health is and what factors can affect wellbeing. The course teaches delegates practical skills to spot the signs of mental illness and gives them the confidence to step in and support a person who needs assistance.

Mental Health Champion

This one day mental health awareness and skills course qualifies community members as MHFA Champions, giving them:

    1. Knowledge and confidence to provide Mental Health First Aid for the most common mental health issues
    2. An understanding of how to help build a mentally healthy workplace, challenge stigma and support positive wellbeing