About Mojatu And What They Do For The Community

A charitable organization that works with Black, Asian, and minority ethnic groups, Mojatu Foundation tackles discrimiation and racial inequalities by giving people access to opportunities and skills that enable them to participate in the wider community. Mojatu foundation has a range of media to help spread awareness and empower people and communities, including Mojatu Magazine, and FMB Radio.

Mojatu Foundations works with all people in the BAME community, especially women and girls to tackle female genital mutilation (FGM), inaccurate and unhelpful sexual health and education classes, domestic abuse and the effects all those things have on women and girls.

Mojatu focuses on fighting systemic sexism and supporting victims of FGM by raising awareness both internationally and here in the UK, as well as providing support through confidence building workshops, one on one counselling, as well as assistance and support accessing health care, social care, legal services, and showing people to support that they themselves may not be able to provide.

"On 12th September 2016. Mojatu Foundation led Nottingham to becoming the first City In the UK to declare a zero-tolerance stance on Female Genital Mutilation"

Mojatu Foundation on Female Genital Mutilation

Sexual health classes are also offered by Mojatu to provide women with a sex education curriculum created by women for women, that focuses on womens sexual pleasure and health. The classes include things like teaching the signs and symptoms of menopause, how to tell when to seek medical help for pain, discomfort, or irregularities on or in a woman’s body, as well as a more in depth understanding and teaching of the female anatomy.

Mojatu doesn’t just support ending FGM and promoting better sexual health, they also support victims of domestic abuse who need help by working with The Topaz Centre and Juno’s Women’s Aid to provide support for those wanting to leave unsafe environments or those wanting to report sexual assault. (more information at https://mojatufoundation.org/women-girls/ )

Training is also offered, for free to those who meet certain criteria, across the UK and Africa. Four training programmes are available and tailored to the specific needs of the communities. These courses are designed for women and girls effected by FGM and other forms of gender violence, as well as their communities who often experience racial inequalities, to help gain confidence and and understand how to improve their lives. One course option is “skills, language, and employment programmes” course which focuses on helping build skills for employability in four main areas, Childcare, Health and social care, hospitality and retail, as well as teacher training. A second course option being “family and community development training” which is designed to help migrants settle into the UK better, this course includes things like driving theory help, with translators if necessary, English conversation course for beginners or advanced speakers, mental health training and awareness courses, and parenting courses to strengthen family and community bonds. A third course option is based on FGM, understanding it and how to help and support victims of it as well as working with the victims to help them gain confidence. The last course option is “community leader and media training” which focuses on teaching community leaders how to open conversations to include as many communities as possible, journalism training, and digital storytelling and organizing virtual conversations via things like Zoom and Google hangouts.

Source-  https://mojatufoundation.org/


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