About IDF And What They Do For The Community

International Development Foundation (IDF), facilitates education and training for BAME communities in the UK as well as as across West African countries. They also provide language translation, proofreading services, and social inclusion support among many other services to those who need it.

IDF is working with one of the UK’s largest awarding organisations to provide multiple courses in many educational formats from work- based learning to apprenticeships to compliance qualifications to people in West Africa. These courses include health and social care, food safety, security, retail qualifications, finance, and customer service as well as many other course options.

IDF provides a similar range of courses to people in the UK as well. Another option offered is IELTS (International English Language Testing System) preparation for those who want or need a qualification in the English language

A translation service is also offered at IDF. It consists of a team of native speakers of the Yoruba language who have experience translating Yoruba into other languages. Translations could be for anything as well from legal or financial documents to government document and policy translations to websites and more. The same team of individuals also provide proofreading services to make sure that anything translated is as polished as possible.

African Communities Business Club (ACBC ) is a separate group that works with many African businesses to make a difference. Members of ACBC work directly with IDF to support the foundation through fundraising, project sponsorships, mentoring support, volunteering etc.

Social inclusion is a huge part of what IDF does, from training as mentioned before to programmes locally that aim to bring communities together and fill the gaps of where people may have been struggling to get support in the past. One such programme is the shoulder to shoulder programme funded by Near Neighbours which aims to bring people from different faiths together to learn more about each other and promote social integration which helps form more diverse and friendly communities for everyone to live in, as well as promoting better teamwork skills with people you otherwise wouldn’t have worked with.

Mental health and mental well being support is also a large part of what IDF provides. IDF works hard to find culturally appropriate recourse services to support BAME people. Working with Self Help UK, IDF is helping to campaign against mental health discrimination  and the stigma attached to it.

It is important for children and young adults to be involved in making decisions because it promotes active citizenship in all areas of public life. Active involvement of children and young people encourages change, builds confidence, builds skills, motivates to achieve higher aspirations, as well as helping children and young people feel heard and like their opinions matter.

Mentoring schemes are also offered at IDF. Mentoring circles aim to provide a space for staff or volunteers to talk about common issues, experiences, and career development, while peer mentoring provides a more personal approach, pairing individuals of similar career stages but differing experiences together in a buddy system.

Positive Horizon Programme works with young people between the ages of 13 and 25 in the Nottingham area to create opportunities through training, development and acquiring new skills. The group meets on a regular basis to attend training sessions and a professional life coach tutor and specialist in media training are readily available to help when needed.

IDF works to tackle crime, gang violence, and exploitation through multiple programmes and by raising awareness on the issues including those considered non-crime to try to prevent them from occurring. IDF works to build trust between communities and both statutory support services and the police to create safer communities.

Sources-  http://interdevfoundation.org/


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