Provision Of Food

During the last year and a half many things have changed, schools closed more often to prevent the spread of Covid-19, workplaces closed for the same reason, furloughs and closed businesses, which has led to more people needing help and support keeping a roof over their head and food on the table. Many people with kids who were struggling pre Covid-19 started struggling even more with their kids being home more and more. To deal with this schools were supposed to send out food parcels to last the week seeing as they couldn’t provide the meals in school, instead of food parcels to last the week the schools were sent packages to give out, by Food Compass Group Chartwells, that contained a fraction of the health requirements a child needs and nowhere near as much, quantity and cost wise, as what was promised leaving families hungry and complaining.

To combat this Mojatu, FYA, and GAIN diaspora teamed up to create a food bank which ran from march 2020 till March 2021 to support as many affected families in Nottingham as possible. This food bank created healthy and way more appropriate food parcels to deliver to families struggling via many volunteers. Compared to the school issued parcels which contained a mismatch of incompatible ingredients, GAIN’s food parcels contain a wide variety of options from fresh fruits and vegetables, a variety of canned goods, breads, patsas, rices, cereals and other fresh goods like milk, yogurts, eggs, meats,and juices, a polar opposite to parcels provided to schools by Food Compass Group Chartwells.

When the food bank started it was supporting around 30 families weekly and by the time the food bank closed it had over tripled its reach to over 100 families weekly, preventing many going hungry and providing others with much needed stability in such an unstable and uneasy time.